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"One of the most gratifying experiences in my career was the opportunity

to lobby on Capitol Hill in support of our state anti-contracting laws. It is the fundamental right of each client to be assured the reporter covering the most important case in the world -- theirs -- is completely unbiased, and that each side is afforded fair and equal service."

                                                                          Lisa J. Blake, LCR, RPR     


Online Scheduling       Expedited/Daily Delivery Available Condensed Copies

Keyword Indexes       Electronic Transcripts Videography Drafts

                               Nationwide Scheduling Available

                              Quality and Accuracy are Paramount

Why us?

As a freelance court reporter for more than 30 years, Lisa is committed to providing the highest quality product to every client every time. She is a Registered Professional Reporter through the National Court Reporters Association, as well as a Licensed Court Reporter through the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting.  

She has extensive experience in reporting medical malpractice, railway, maritime, peer review, EPA-related litigation, as well as eminent domain matters.

Lisa is a past president of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association, as well as a past delegate of the National Committee of State Association, and has served on numerous state committees.